Community Garden

How we got started

The Community Garden project began in 2014 with 3 plots and several potted experiments.  The response from neighbours, strangers and guests was an overwhelming "YES!"   

The challenge we faced however, was: How do we make the garden as beautiful as its concept?  

So, we were eventually granted 3 grants, combined with the passion, creativity and incredible gardening ability of our three 'farmers', we transformed the front lawn from an office landscape into a garden of beauty. 

On Sunday, May 3rd at 8am we called out to the community and had a building bee - by 2pm we had built our beds, lined them with paper and went home happy and satisfied. Returning on Tuesday to meet students from St.Joe's High school, who came and filled the boxes with earth. What an amazing few days! 

On May 17 we blessed the seeds and planted, this was followed by the blessing of the garden on May 24th. By June 1st we were already picking weeds. 

Garden Journal

This is where we will share weekly updates on how the garden is doing, what we've harvested, and what we still need to do.


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